November 25, 2014



As we begin the holiday season of celebration, family time, travel and so much more, here are a few things to keep in mind.

There will be NO trash pickup on Thanksgiving Day.  Please plan on placing your trash at the curb after dark on Sunday, November 30th for pickup on Monday, December 1st.

We live in a beautiful place.........It is the holidays.  Family and friends will be in the neighborhood.
Let's put our best foot forward.......tuck away your trash and recycling containers until  Sunday night.

The final leaf removal by Cardinal will be the week of December 8th.  Leaves should be placed at the curb, away from storm inlets.  It is not necessary to bag the leaves.  Please avoid raking or blowing leaves into the naturalized areas throughout the cluster.

Mark your calendar for the final yard waste pickup.  Wednesday, December  24th.

Information  about Christmas tree disposal TBA as we get closer to the new year.

November 14, 2014


Cardinal has advised that first leaf pick up will be around November 20th, weather permitting and without significant weather delays over the next 3 weeks.  

 It is not necessary to bag leaves for the Cardinal pick-up. Please collect them in loose piles adjacent to the curb, however, not next to any of the storm water inlets, which are connected directly to the lake (these used to be labelled with stickers advising "Save the Chesapeake, No Dumping," but don't stick for very long).  

Please note that:
Republic will continue yard waste service for a few more weeks on Wednesdays.