WCA Owner/Tenant Contact Update Form

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Maintaining current contact information helps the board and its committees reach owners and tenants with important board announcements as well as during emergency events such as a water/gas main break or to report storm damage to vehicles or other property.  Each owner and paying tenant should complete a separate form.  Non-resident owners should enter their address at the end of the form.  Note: You do NOT need to have a Google account in order to update and submit the form.


WCA: Waterview Cluster Association

Air conditioning- www.restonrelac.com  703-349-3301. Our home cooling system relies on water from Lake Anne which is used by the utility, Reston RELAC, to help chill the fluid used throughout the RELAC system.  Air Conditioning services begin after the second 80 degree day or May 22 through October 9th. Houses can be on a metered or flat rate billing system.  Reston RELAC will perform a free check-up on your A/C system and can provide referrals for repairs.  Residents wishing to install independent cooling units, thus temporarily releasing them from the prohibitions of the RELAC Covenant, must:
  • provide documentation to the Reston Association Director of Covenants Administration  establishing that a resident of the home is eligible for an accommodation under the applicable fair housing laws;
  • obtain the prior approval from the Design Review Board ("DRB") for any addition, alteration or improvement to a Lot pursuant to Article VI, Section VI.1 (c ) (1) and (2) of the Amended Reston Deed.
Boat registration and marina reservations All watercraft stored on approved cluster common areas must be registered with Waterview Cluster Association and any craft used in Lake Anne must be registered with Reston Association. Boats not registered may be removed from cluster common areas at the expense of the owner.  Only small, durable, rigid construction watercraft (such as canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and small sailboats) that can be carried by one or two people may be stored out of the water at the cluster marina. Rafts, barges, floating docks, and pontoon boats are not permitted to be stored on cluster common area.  WCA assumes no liability for the damage, theft, or vandalism to watercraft or its contents.

Pontoon boats may be owned by residents with waterfront homes and moored in the lake immediately adjacent to their property.  Absolutely no watercraft of any size may be moored overnight in the Waterview Cluster marina.

To register a boat or book an event at the marina, contact boats@waterviewcluster.org or call the Harbor Mistress.

Dues and Management Company TWC Association Management bills cluster owners for dues quarterly. There is a 10% late fee for bills paid after 30 days from the due date. Unpaid invoices can result in collection action and liens on the residence.  Each year at the annual meeting the cluster announces the amount of the next year’s dues.  Small yearly increases are necessary to keep pace with inflation and to ensure the required capital reserves. TWC can be contacted at 703-437-5800 and info@twcmanagement.com. Timely payment of your dues is vital for Waterview Cluster operations.

General Meetings Annual meetings of the members are held during the months of May and December on a date and at a time determined by the board of directors for the purpose of electing directors and for the transaction of such other business as may come before the membership. 

Events and Association Meetings There is a spring and fall workday each year. Suggested jobs are provided by the landscape committee.  Coffee and donuts are provided to start the day and lunch is usually coordinated at the marina.

Exterior Home improvement projects, painting, and tree removal Before making any changes to the exterior of your home or property, please contact the Waterview Cluster Covenants Committee for advice, references, and possible sourcing options.  Painting front doors does not require color approval.  It is your ownership responsibility to maintain the exterior of your home in compliance with WCA and Reston Association covenants.

WCA Resident-to-Resident Online Discussion Group:  forum@hub.waterviewcluster.org . The Waterview Cluster message board (List Server) is a digital communications resource that allows members to communicate among themselves and with the board of directors regarding any matter concerning the association.  To subscribe to the list, opt-in via the WCA Owner/Tenant Contact Update Form.

  1. send a message to forum@hub.waterviewcluster.org from the address you want to subscribe to the list.

  2. In the subject line of your message, type in:
    subscribe forum@hub.waterviewcluster.org Firstname Lastname
    Leave the message body blank.

  3. Send the message and wait for a reply from the volunteer list moderator.
    You should receive a message telling you whether your request was accepted. If you have any issues, contact Jim Traylor to join:webmin@waterviewcluster.org.

Parking and Carports Carport spaces are owned by the cluster and leased to the individual homeowners.  Owners of properties assigned a carport pay an addition fee. General cluster parking is shared by cluster residents. Please be respectful of your neighbors when parking in the general areas.  Cars using Waterview Cluster parking must be residents and have valid tags and inspections. Recreational vehicles are not permitted in Waterview Cluster parking areas. For recreational vehicle storage, see www.reston.org.  

Pools Residents obtain a pool pass for pool entry from Reston Association. Visitors can pay an entrance fee. See pool information on the www.reston.org web site.  Residents can use all of Reston’s pools with their pool pass. The closest pool is at the corner of North Shore Drive and Waterview Cluster Drive. It is heated and has a longer season than most pools.

Resale Disclosure Documents are requested through our management company TWC. TWC can be contacted at 703-437-5800 and info@twcmanagement.com. Prior to selling your home, your house will be inspected for covenant violations by the Reston design and review board and TWC . Routine maintenance and knowledge of the WCA and Reston Association covenants are important to avoid costly repairs prior to your home's sale.

Reston Association www.reston.org  Used for pool pass information, home improvement approval forms, Reston events, fields and parks, elected officers, camps, classes, and other available resources. Live, work, play!

Security and Police- Police non-emergency phone number is 703-691-2131. Report all suspicious activity to police and the cluster board. Inform the board if streetlights are out in the parking area and trails and any other security concerns.  The board recommends always locking houses, cars, carport storage, boats, bikes, and other outside valuables and using outside lighting.  Motion sensors were installed in all carports. Report any non- working sensors to the board.

Trash and recycling
are collected on Mondays and trash-only on Thursdays. It is best to have your trash cans on the curbs no earlier than dusk the day before pickup. Trash cans should be put away by the evening of the pickup day.  Brush and yard waste is collected Wednesdays March through December 24th.  Brush waste must be bagged and sticks short and tied. Our trash contractor collects most types of trash without calling for a special trash pickup. Holiday tree collection will take place on the first 2 weeks in January on yard waste service day.  The cluster board will inform residents on dates for fall leaf collection. The web site for the trash and recycling contractor, Republic Services (formerly AAA), is http://www.republicservices.com.

**The WCA Board suggests that owners and residents familiarize themselves with the Cluster Handbook. It is available for review on the Cluster Web Site in the Documents section. The WCA board encourages participation in Cluster committees and events.  We share a wonderful place to live and working together we make it home.