WCA Owner/Tenant Contact Update Form

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Maintaining current contact information helps the board and its committees reach owners and tenants with important board announcements as well as during emergency events such as a water/gas main break or to report storm damage to vehicles or other property.  Each owner and paying tenant should complete a separate form.  Non-resident owners should enter their address at the end of the form.  Note: You do NOT need to have a Google account in order to update and submit the form.

Info: Reston RELAC Tips

RELAC Water Cooling
https://relacwatercooling.com | +1-703-349-3301 | Contact: info@relacwatercooling.com
  1. Add your name to the Reston RELAC email announcement distribution list.
    • https://relacwatercooling.com/subscribe-to-mail-list

  2. Have your RELAC system inspected and serviced every year.
    • Reston RELAC provides a free inspection service. 
    • The cooling coils should be inspected and cleaned, water condensators can be installed to draw away excessive water.
    • If you have a meter, RELAC will check that the water intake rate properly regulated.  
    • It is particularly important for the coil and drain pan to be inspected to prevent water leaks into your furnace system.
    • The life of a coil is 25 years on average.
  3. The best time to make  repairs to your heating and cooling system is during the winter while the RELAC water flow is shut off.

  4. Notes:
    • The water for the RELAC cooling system is separate from your main water supply. 
    • The water for the RELAC cooling system is not from Lake Anne.  The water from Lake Anne is used to help cool the water solution that runs through the pipes that service the RELAC system.