December 4, 2013

Leaf Pick-up - final pick-up Dec 16th!

Leaf Pick-up will begin December 16th, weather permitting.  This will be the final pick-up for the season.
Do not bag 
Do not obstruct storm drains with leaf piles
Sweep/rake leaves to the curb
Make sure leaves will not be blocked by cars or trash cans

Do you wonder what happens to our lovely leaves?
They are taken to Loudoun County Composting. Our leaves are then turned back into mulch and soil.

100% of our leaves are recycled!

LC Composting uses the most sophisticated equipment available in order to produce the finest quality products.  As an indication of their product quality, their compost is used at many of our Nation's Capitol's most famous Monuments and Federal Buildings!

Want to learn more...go here:  Louduon County Composting