February 10, 2017

Winter Tree Work

Winter Tree Work to Resume – Valentine’s Day Edition
The Care of Trees will be back in Waterview, beginning February 14th and extending for a week or more. The COT crew will be completing priority dead-wood pruning tasks and removing deceased or failing trees that may present a hazard if not removed. Here is a synopsis of the work planned by location:
Upper Waterview
• Pruning Red Oaks and White Oaks along the upper, middle, and lower Grand Canyon;
• Removal of a mature Red Maple near the bottom of the Grand Canyon compromised by storm damage (loss of major limbs).
Marina & Tot Lot
• Repairing storm damage to a mature Red Maple directly across from the marina;
• Removal of dead branches in trees overhanging the tot lot;
• Removal of two dead Ironwood trees (one near tot lot and one along south side of the marina).
Upper Orchard Lane
• Removal of two declining Black Cherries just above the parking and trash/recycling bins, upper level of multistory carport;
• Pruning, raising canopy, and cabling of Sugar Maple adjacent to carport;
• Pruning and raising of canopy, multiple Red Maples in front of 11466 – 11478 Orchard Lane;
• Removal of two dead White Oaks along RA pathway (behind 11466 – 11478 Orchard Lane).
If you have any questions or concerns about this work, please contact Charlie Saunders (703-376-1473).