WCA Owner/Tenant Contact Update Form

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Maintaining current contact information helps the board and its committees reach owners and tenants with important board announcements as well as during emergency events such as a water/gas main break or to report storm damage to vehicles or other property.  Each owner and paying tenant should complete a separate form.  Non-resident owners should enter their address at the end of the form.  Note: You do NOT need to have a Google account in order to update and submit the form.

July 9, 2017

July Agenda

Waterview Cluster Association
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Monday July 10, 2017 7:00 PM


1. Call to Order & Welcome Karen Wilkens

2. Approve June meeting minutes

3. June Financials – Marge Carrico

4. Capital Improvements - Charlie Saunders and Jim Traylor

5. Communications – Jim Traylor

6. Trash and Snow Removal – Jeff Crowe

7. Landscape Report – Karen Noel
a. Stream Restoration 

8. Covenants Committee – Tiffany Lockhart
a. Member modifications to common property – Jim Traylor

9. Cluster Handbook Revision – Marge Carrico

10. Review of Insurance Policy – Marge Carrico

11. Marina Events – Jim Traylor
a. caution re: non-sanctioned events, fireworks

12. Miscellaneous – Karen Wilkens 
a. Cluster directory
b. Boat Inventory
c. Parking violation – blue van 

13. Next Meeting Date

14. Adjourn