October 31, 2017

Stream Renovation Update

Waterview Cluster Stream Renovation Update
October 30, 2017

On Friday Oct 27 Charlie and Karen (liaisons) met on site with WSSI and Nicki Belleza, RA Watershed Manager. We reviewed the white-ribbon staked areas, which did not reflect changes made after the original plan was produced. We also reviewed requests for modifications that would preserve valuable trees, and discussed plant rescue for which we needed RA assistance. Final marking of tree-save areas, reflecting updated and requested changes, will be done this week of Oct 30th. Those markings will be made using orange snow fencing, which will better protect the save areas during construction. Plant rescue will also be done week of Oct 30th in cooperation with RA.

TAKE NOTE: Clearing is scheduled to begin week of November 6th and is anticipated to take a couple of weeks. Reston pathway running along the stream will be marked by RA sandwich boards as closed. Please take other routes.

If you have questions contact
Karen Noel: knowitt@comcast.net  or

Charlie Saunders: chasbsaunders@gmail.com