July 15, 2019

UPDATE: Injured raccoon shot and killed by Fairfax County Animal Protection Police near Orchard Lane Tot Lot

This morning an officer with Fairfax County Animal Protection informed the board that the injured raccoon was killed because it was determined to be beyond recovery.  The animal was not submitted for lab testing as "there was no obvious evidence of rabies and it had no exposure to humans or domestic animals".  The officer stated that the rationale for dispatching the raccoon by gun shot, rather than some other means (clubbing, for instance), was "officer's discretion".
20190716 1109

In response to a call about an injured raccoon in a wooded area adjacent to the Orchard Lane Tot Lot, a Fairfax County Animal Protection Police officer shot and killed the animal.  The police report made no mention of rabies or whether the animal was to be submitted for lab testing.  Additional details will be published here as they are known.
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