May 6, 2020

Upper Waterview Cluster Parking Area Asphalt Repair Scheduled for May 8, 2020

Finley Asphalt and Concrete will be onsite Friday May 8, 2020, to repair and pave the gravel-filled patch area in the upper-level parking area adjacent to the Upper Waterview Cluster two-level carport.  The residents associated with the two affected carport spaces have been notified.  

This much needed repair work was requested many weeks ago, but Finley has been booked solid.  They had a sudden opening in their calendar and the WCA agreed to the last minute appointment because of the urgency of the repair due to the almost incessant rains.  Unexpectedly, a Finley crew dropped off a load of equipment today for Friday's work, probably to save time in the morning so that they can get the repair completed with a minimal amount of inconvenience to the affected carport users.