March 10, 2017

Tree Work

The Care of Trees crew will return to the Cluster next Tuesday, March 14 to complete planned removals and dead wood pruning. The crew's work was interrupted last month due to the need to respond to multiple instances of storm/wind damage in other area of the County. Thankfully, wind damage was relatively minor here, confined to loss of a few tree limbs on either side of the Cluster.

Weather permitting, we expect the crew to complete its work by Thursday, March 16. There are two areas where arrangements will need to be made to clear cars from parking spaces adjacent to trees being pruned. Both the upper and lower levels of the multi-story carport in Upper Orchard will be affected, as well as multiple spaces near 11424 WC (Lower Waterview). Cluster block captains in these areas will contact residents to make the necessary arrangements.

Please contact Charlie Saunders at 703-376-1473 if you have any questions or concerns about remaining work.