March 17, 2018

20018.04 / Lake Anne West
·         Final meeting
·         WSSI will continue monitoring and addressing erosion issues, as well as establishment of vegetation
·         WSSI will remove SWPPP box this week
·         TDS is still working to complete the following:
o   @Construction entrance
§  Repaint stripe ‘highway yellow’
§  TBD bollard or sign installation
o   @ Junction of Bachan Ct. & trail
§  Replace concrete apron on drop inlet
§  Backfill soil between new concrete and asphalt path
§  Hot seal & repaint crack in parking lot asphalt behind last parking space
§  Hot seal seams where new and old asphalt meet
o   Near lower trail crossing at bridge LAW-02
§  Rake our and stabilize rill at downstream end of project in the last construction access point
·         WSSI or TCOT will mulch black-gum, cut fallen tulip poplar back from stream-side plantings, and cut the holly stump at the construction entrance lower to the ground

Let us know if you have any questions.

Daniel Misch |Ecosystem Specialist
ISA Certified Arborist UT-4564AU