March 7, 2018

Stream Valley Plantings

Waterview Cluster Residents:

Explanation of Stream Valley Plantings

The plant and seed list and quantities are described in the approved documents for Lake Anne West, Drawing # 17 out of the set of 51 drawings. The planting approach is “reforestation” rather than “landscaping” where large quantities of small native plants are placed in a regular arrangement to cover the entire area. The species selected are common representatives found in the “Piedmont” zone.

Riparian Forest:

Canopy and large evergreen tree layer:  329 Native deciduous canopy trees.  White Oak, Pin Oak, Willow Oak, Northern Red Oak, Box Elder, Red Maple, River Birch, Sweet Gum and 73 Native evergreen trees. American Holly

Shrub and small tree layer includes: 110 Native shrubs. Canadian Serviceberry, Eastern Redbud, Flowering Dogwood, American Hazelnut, Northern Spicebush, Southern Arrowood, Black-Haw Viburnum

Stream Bank:  652 Native trees and shrubs: Silky Dogwood, Common Winterberry, Elderberry,
        Southern Arrowwood

Stream Edge: 1,956 Native trees shrub and shrubs: Silky Dogwood, Black Willow, Brookside
         Alder, Southern Arrowwood


Availability of plants may determine individual quantities.