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Maintaining current contact information helps the board and its committees reach owners and tenants with important board announcements as well as during emergency events such as a water/gas main break or to report storm damage to vehicles or other property.  Each owner and paying tenant should complete a separate form.  Non-resident owners should enter their address at the end of the form.  Note: You do NOT need to have a Google account in order to update and submit the form.

May 22, 2019

Lake Anne Treatment for Algae on Friday May 24

Blue-green algae also called cyanobacteria will be treated in Lake Anne by Reston Association’s aquatic consultants on Friday, May 24. They will be utilizing a boat with a gas powered motor for this activity. They will be treating the lake with a copper based algaecide to manage this growth. There are not any restrictions following the application. Residents can still fish and boat without restrictions. There also isn’t any restriction on pets drinking the treated water. However, there is concern for pets drinking lake water containing high levels of cyanobacteria. Remember that our lakes receive all of the areas storm water and are not regulated for consumption. These treatments are necessary to control the algae on the lakes and are conducted on a monthly basis throughout the summer.

In addition, you may have noticed a scum form on the surface of the water on our lakes. Our aquatic consultants were out monitoring the lakes last Friday and observed this as well. They stated these scums develop from the accumulation of pollen on the surface of the water as well as other floatables and runoff from the surrounding area. When the pollen is brought in during heavy rains it’s gets agitated and forms this scummy appearance. It should dissipate over time but there is no environmental concern.

William Peterson
Watershed Manager
Reston Association
12250 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, VA 20190