February 6, 2016

High-Priority Tree Removals Scheduled

Six failing Cluster trees are scheduled for removal during the second and third weeks of February. These include:
  • Sugar Maple in parking island in front of 11450 Waterview Cluster;
  • Sugar Maple in front of 11442 Waterview Cluster;
  • Red Oak behind 11441 Waterview Cluster;
  • Red Oak behind 11485 Waterview Cluster;
  • Elm on the beach at the marina;
  • Red Maple adjacent to the Elm along the marina beach.
The two Sugar Maples will be removed on Monday, February 8 and Tuesday, February 9, weather permitting. Cars parked next to these trees, several in the case of the former and one in the case of the latter, will need to be moved elsewhere to allow access to the trees.

The two Red Oaks will be removed with the assistance of a construction crane beginning on Friday, February 12 and concluding on Tuesday, February 16. Cluster representatives will be in touch with local residents to discuss the need to remove parked cars and any traffic impediments associated with this work.

Please contact Charlie Saunders via email (chasbsaunders@gmail.com) or, via cell phone, at 703-376-1473 with any questions or concerns.