February 12, 2016

Operations Plan For Upcoming Forecast Winter Weather (12-Feb-2016)

A note from Perfect Landscapes, our cluster snow removal contractor (lightly edited):

In an effort to help you manage the expectations of your cluster's residents I wanted to keep you informed of our plan regarding a couple of upcoming forecast winter weather events...

...This evening we are expecting snow flurries/showers. While the predicted amount of precipitation is negligible and plowing operations are not anticipated, it is cold enough that whatever does fall will stick and might cause slick and icy conditions. We are keeping an eye on this and will be making sand/salt/chemical applications to combat any slippery conditions as required. 
Our next round of winter weather will be passing through our area on Monday. Right now this system looks like it has the potential to drop several inches of snow during the day before transitioning to freezing rain and then finally rain in the overnight into Tuesday. Plowing is anticipated during the day on Monday and will commence when accumulations have reached approximately two inches. Sand/salt/chemical applications will follow as required.