February 22, 2016

Tree Removals Re-Scheduled

Adverse weather conditions prevented the removal of the following trees last week:

  • Red Oak behind 11441 Waterview Cluster;
  • Red Oak behind 11485 Waterview Cluster;
  • Elm & Red Maple on the beach at the marina.

The removal of the Red Oak behind 11441 WC has been postponed for several weeks, due to prior commitments at an adjacent property.

The Red Oak behind 11485 WC will be removed beginning on Tuesday, February 23. Cluster representatives will be in touch with local residents to discuss the need to remove parked cars along the row directly facing 11485 WC. Follow-up work, potentially including removal of the Sugar Maple and Red Maple spars left behind previously, will be undertaken later in the week (Thursday & Friday).

Please contact Charlie Saunders via email (chasbsaunders@gmail.com) or, via cell phone, at 703-376-1473 with any questions or concerns.