February 28, 2016

Tree Removal Redux

The Care of Trees will be back on the Waterview side of the Cluster to attempt, once again, to remove the failing Red Oaks behind 11441 WC and 11485 WC. COT will be using a larger crane during this attempt, in hopes of completing the work in a single day. 

Those directly affected have been alerted. The schedule, in brief:
  • 7 AM to late morning -- Red Oak behind 11485 WC will be removed. It will not be possible for cars to enter or exit the lower level of the carport or adjacent parking spaces while the crane is in place. 
  • Noon to late afternoon -- Red Oak behind 11441 WC will be removed. The crane will completely block the roadway, preventing access or egress from 11443 WC down to the marina.
  • If time permits, the crane will move to the marina parking area to assist in removing the Elm and Red Maple along the beach.
Please contact Charlie Saunders (703-376-1473) with any questions or concerns.