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Maintaining current contact information helps the board and its committees reach owners and tenants with important board announcements as well as during emergency events such as a water/gas main break or to report storm damage to vehicles or other property.  Each owner and paying tenant should complete a separate form.  Non-resident owners should enter their address at the end of the form.  Note: You do NOT need to have a Google account in order to update and submit the form.

March 5, 2019

WCA BoD seeks permission from RA to remove a tree from WCA common area: "WCA_RADRB-Application-Common_20190305-01"

The WCA Board of Directors has submitted to the Reston Association (RA) Design Review Board (DRB) a "Design Review Application" along with supporting documentation to justify the removal of a large, mid-1960's-vintage Silver Maple tree that is located in the cluster common area adjacent to the 11491-11499 Waterview Cluster row of townhouses.  The tree is not within a designated Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Area (RPA).  

The WCA board asserts that the health of the tree has declined to the point that it represents a public safety hazard, as documented in writing by two independent arborists certified by the International Society of Arborists (ISA).  The WCA board requests permission from RA to dismantle the tree and thereby mitigate risks to persons and property.  

The WCA RA DRB application package is named, "WCA_RADRB-Application-Common_20190305-01", and is freely accessible to the public in a document repository at this link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AomQNOWv0kQyg5NFDP0qdsq51ZnRYQ

The digital files within the shared repository were created as separate Adobe PDF-format logical entities.  These individual files were then added to a single zipped archive file as well as a "jumbo" PDF file that contains all of the individual PDF's stitched together in proper sequence, to make them easier to manage as a single entity, if desired.  

Documents contained within "WCA_RADRB-Application-Common_20190305-01":
  • Waterview Cluster Association DRB Application Package Cover Page, 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Cover_20190305_0001.pdf
  • RA Design Review Application (for Tree Removal), 6pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-DRA_20190305-01_0002.pdf
  • RA Design Guidelines (11/19/15) – Cluster Common Property - Application Checklist, 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Checklist_20190305-01_0003.pdf
  • Map #1: Fairfax County GIS Map (Chesapeake Bay, 2005, 17-2) showing location of tree adjacent to 11495 Waterview Cluster (not in RPA), 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Map#1_20190305-01_0004.pdf
  • Map #2: WCA Planting Plan Map (from 1965, Part III, Chloethiel Woodard Smith Architects) showing location of tree adjacent to 11495 Waterview Cluster, 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Map#2_20190305-01_0005.pdf
  • Photo #1: Tree Photo looking toward 11495 Waterview Cluster, Winter 2019, 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Photo#1_20190305-01_0006.pdf
  • Photo #2: Photo showing fruiting part of wood decaying fungi, Fall 2018 (not in fruit right now), 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Photo#2_20190305-01_0007.pdf
  • Arborist Statement #1: Jeff Walton, ISA Certification WE1659A, The Care of Trees, 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Arborist#1_20190305-01_0008.pdf
  • Arborist Statement #2: Peter Deahl, ISA Certification 0074, Fine Pruning, LLC, 2pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Arborist#2_20190305-01_0009.pdf
  • Waterview Cluster Tree Management Protocols, Revised 2019, 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-WCA-Tree-Protocol-2019_20190305-01_0010.pdf
  • Next Steps to Replacement (regarding the Silver Maple adjacent to 11495 Waterview Cluster), 1pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-WCA-Next-Steps_20190305-01_0011.pdf
  • Article, College of ACES, University of Illinois, “Armillaria Root Rot of Trees and Shrubs”, March 2000, 2pp
    • File: WCA_RA-DRB-Application-Common_PKG-Article#1_20190305-01_0012.pdf

  • Zip Archive: WCA_RADRB-Application-Common_20190305-01.zip
  • Jumbo PDF: WCA_RADRB-Application-Common_20190305-01.pdf

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